I have to admit that I am not feeling at peace about my gluten free daughter’s transition to college.  From the moment she was diagnosed, I have worried about how will she eat in college.  Granted there has been much progress in the gluten free world since then, but there is still much progress to be made.

Back to School Gluten Free

August 14, 2014


If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I take the summers off.  I tend to “work” school hours so when my kids are out of school, I spend my time focusing on being a “mom.”  We also spend about three weeks of our summer on our boat off the coast of Canada in a no Wi-Fi, no cellular zone. 




My Gluten Free Teen's Happy Place!






Sunset in Laura Cove.


Me and the kids after a week off the grid - not too bad considering we were showering in waterfalls.




But we are back now and school is looming around the corner.

We have been on the road.  Before I get to our summer travels, I need to finish updating you about our trip to New York City.


In the last post, we shared some of our favorite New York City Gluten Free Bakeries.  We actually ate more than just cupcakes and donuts on our trip to New York. 


It seems unfair to call these our favorite places to eat Gluten Free in New York City as there are so many great restaurants with gluten free options and we only had time to try a few.  But, of the ones we sampled, our favorites were S’Mac and Bistango.

In our attempt to eat our way through New York City one gluten free bakery at a time, we also visited Crumbs Gluten Free Bakery and Jennifer’s Way Bakery


My family loves gluten free lasagna.  I think it is one of their favorite meals.  Being dairy challenged, it is hard for me to participate in this meal.  So I have experimented with some non-dairy options. 

Yesterday we shared with you one of our favorite gluten free bakeries in New York City.

Our second most favorite bakery in New York, which really comes in a very close second place, is Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery.

Babycakes New York City

April 24, 2014

There are so many amazing places to eat gluten free in New York that it is impossible to limit the list to a few favorites.  Nevertheless, we are returning from a recent visit and thought we should update you on our gluten free dining experiences.

Spring is in the air and so I thought an Easter Recipe Roundup would be helpful.  I have included some of my own recipes and recipes from some of my favorite bloggers.  This post has been so much fun for me because these are not only great recipes, but they are from some of my favorite bloggers.  These are the blogs that I read and follow and subscribe to.




When we first went GF, I loved the challenge of putting together great gluten free meals.  There was no way my kids were going to be disappointed with Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas morning brunch.

I like Easter because it is the chance to try something new.  One Easter I served my traditional ham with an Asian Salad and everyone loved it.    Sometimes, it is fun to throw some breakfast items in with the Easter meal like Egg Muffins that you can make ahead of time and just warm up. 

Here are some recipes to get you thinking about your Easter meal.


You will not go hungry if you are gluten free and live near Seattle, WA. 


Seattle has a huge selection of gluten free restaurants and places to find gluten free treats.  Here is a list of gluten free bakeries in the Seattle area.  

I have been looking into the gluten free policy of a new Food Truck that is in Seattle.  It is called Outside the Box and it is a Paleo Food Truck. 

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