Baking gluten free can sometimes be tricky. Here are some tips and a recipe from Chef Janet K.

Gluten-free baked goods sometimes need help in the light and airy department. You have no doubt experienced that loaf of gluten-free bread that could replace the 5 pound weights at the gym.

For cakes, muffins, breads and anything else that should be light and fluffy I have a couple of tips. First, you can replace some of the liquid (milk, water) with club soda and get it to the oven as quickly as possible. Second, separate the eggs, beat the whites to soft peaks and gently fold them in at the end.

Ready-made gluten-free flour blends are very expensive. It’s so easy to mix up your own and less than half the price.

I have shared before that one of the Silver Linings of Celiac Disease has been the time that my daughter and I spend in the kitchen together. 

Working side-by-side creating delicious and fun food has given us a special bond.  This is when my daughter shares her feelings about her friends, her dreams for her future, her struggles with being a teenager and with the GF diet.  And because of this time together, my daughter can whip up a GF roux for homemade macaroni and cheese without having to crack open a cookbook.  This special time together is a silver lining in celiac disease. 

And who other than a GF Teen would come up with the idea of an Ombre gluten free birthday cake!  We called it The Tiffany Cake because it reminds us of the Tiffany Blue Boxes from one of our favorite stores.

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