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Gluten Free Family Vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico

We spent last week at the fabulous Four Seasons Resort at Punta Mita Mexico.  Not only remarkable for the beach, sun and water, but also for the gluten free dining options.


It is such a gift for me to go on a vacation where I do not have to cook one single meal and my gluten free kids do not feel deprived.  Yes, the Four Seasons is a splurge but worth every penny.  Read to the end and I will let you in on a little secret that makes it somewhat more affordable.


Four Season Resort Punta Mita Mexico


Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg


Let’s just start with the fact that this is a wonderful resort.  The Four Seasons Resort is located forty-five minutes north of Puerto Vallarta in a relatively new resort area known as Punta Mita.  I found this resort when I was looking for somewhere hot and sunny, that is kid friendly with a swimmable beach.  Four Seasons Punta Mita exceeds all of these criteria.


Punta Mita is Hot and Sunny


It is pretty obvious to point out that it rains a lot in Seattle.  I learned early on that I need a sun break to make it through to July 4th when the sun finally comes out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We used to go to Hawaii but it was too cold for me.  I like it hot.  


Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg


The weather, beaches and pools at Four Seasons Punta Mita invite hours of playing in the surf, reading books and long walks on the beach.


The Resort is very Kid Friendly



The Lazy River


The Kids For All Seasons Program at this resort is complimentary for kid’s ages 5 to 12.   It is hopping with kids.  They are entertained with everything from playing in the sand, swimming on the lazy river to a weekly piñata festival.  Not to mention free ice cream every day by the pool and every restaurant at this resort is very kid-friendly.  The resort even has free s’mores on the beach at night.  In fact, this resort is so family-orientated that I would be hesitant to come here as a couple looking for a romantic getaway.   There is one adult pool but it is set away from the ocean.  The best pool is the infinity-edge pool that looks out at the beach.  This pool is crawling with kids. (Now that my kids are older, there were actually times on this trip when I thought there were too many little kids around).


Beautiful Swimmable Beach




If you vacation in Mexico, you know it can be hard to find a resort with a swimmable beach that still has enough surf to boogie board or do some intro-surfing.  This resort has the perfect beach for families equipped with a volleyball net, boogie boards, paddleboards and snorkeling gear.  All of the equipment is complimentary to guests of the resort.   There is even a short trial to a bat cave that is in a cliff along the beach. 


For the grown ups, there is impeccable beachside service.  Really it doesn't get much better than this.





Now to the Gluten Free Food


The Four Seasons is known for their exceptional standard of service.  Feel confident that they have the gluten free diet down.  It is even safe for celiacs.  This resort goes beyond the basics to provide almost anything that you could reasonably ask for.  My kids love the fact that they have a dedicated gluten free fryer (yeah) for gluten free popcorn shrimp and french fries!


You are in Mexico, so there is an abundance of gluten free corn tortillas.  This makes quesadillas and tacos very easy.


Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg


Everything at the lunchtime taco cart that is set up at the pool is gluten free as well.


There is also plenty of gluten free corn tortilla chips and guacamole.  We ate so much guacamole that we joked about having “guac babies” in our tummies.


Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg


And the seafood is catch-of-the day fresh.  You can actually take a look at the fish and select your dinner.  They will prepare the fish to your taste. 



Catch of the Day


Every meal includes gluten free bread that is very light and tasty.  Not gritty or crumbly at all.




Gluten Free Pizzas and Pasta are also on the menu. 


And for breakfast how about gluten free French toast, pancakes, or my kid’s favorite: chocolate chip gluten free Belgium waffles?


Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg



How to make this experience a little more affordable?


All of this is great, but the Four Seasons is expensive!  We offset some of the expenses by staying at the Four Seasons Residences.  The residences are time-share condominiums that sit right on the edge of the resort property.  You may have to walk four minutes longer than people staying in rooms at the resort, but in exchange for being on the edge of the property you get a huge 2-bedroom condominium.  The condos are equipped with a full kitchen and your very own plunge pool.  All of this is for about the same price as one room at the resort.  Anyone who is a guest of the condominiums has full access to the resort.   They will even bring in-room dining service to you for a small extra charge.


Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg


Even though the dining options are amazing, what Gluten Free Mom doesn’t travel with a suitcase of food?  I bring along muffins for breakfast, sandwiches for bread, our favorite cookies and snack items like nuts and chocolate. 


There is a local grocery store that you can order food on-line from before you leave home.  I order the basics from the grocery store such as milk, cheese, fruit, lunchmeat etc.  The day of your arrival the groceries are delivered to your condo and put away. 


Our routine is to eat what we bring for breakfast.  Everyone gets up at different times so this makes breakfast super easy.    The condominiums are stocked with coffee and cream.   One of my favorite times of the day is drinking my coffee on the patio before the kids get up.



The kids are pretty happy with muffins for breakfast.  On the last day, I let them get room service for breakfast aka gluten free waffles. 


The day is spent on the beach. 




For lunch, it is typically the Taco Cart on the beach.  If someone wants a sandwich instead it is easy to make it with the full kitchen in the condo.   Coolers on the beach are also complimentary.


After a day on the beach, we head to the pool in the afternoon for happy hour – mango margaritas for the parents, chocolate shakes for the kids (made in dedicated mixers so no worries about cross-contamination).


Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg

Drink delivery in the pool.


After a snack of fruit and cheese on the condo patio, it is back to the beach for the sunset.


Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg



Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg


For dinner, we go out a couple of nights to the restaurant that is on the beach.  




I love the catch-of-the-day.  The kids will have the same or quesadillas and french fries or tacos.  When we first started going here on vacation I would cook a few dinners.  Now when we feel like staying in, we order room service and eat on the patio.




Pretty much a perfect week!   Now I can face the rain again, maybe.  Sadly this was not a sponsored post! 


Gluten Free Family vacation at the Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort Mexico.jpg


Posted by sarah on
Looks amazing!!
Posted by SPB on
We have two newly diagnosed Celiacs in our family. This point gave me such hope! How much preparation and conversations did you have to have with the resort to ensure safe eating? Or do they really just "get it"?
Posted by Jamie on
Hi SPB, Punta Mita is amazing. We always let them know before we arrive and we have a complete discussion about them the first time we order anything but they totally get it! The resort is small enough that they knew who we were and what we liked to eat by day 2. Not all places are this accommodating but Four Season sure is!
Posted by Jen on
Hi Jamie, I'm always looking for "safe" places to travel with our 12 yr old daughter who has Celiac Disease so thank you for this information. We have had 3 successful trips to Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos where they will prepare anything from the normal menu gluten free. My daughter is extremely sensitive and has never been sick there. They even made her a gluten free chocolate croissant once!
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