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The Struggle for Teeth

Two weeks ago I had my fifth oral surgery of the past 2 ½ years. It was not entirely successful and I wanted to share a little about this long journey for adult teeth I have been on to see if anyone else with celiac has had similar problems.

When I was little I was told that I was missing eight adult teeth and that they would not grow in. Along with this, my mouth is completely missing bone surrounding my teeth making implant procedures exceedingly more challenging. But my orthodontists and oral surgeons were prepared.


The journey started in junior high and high school when I had braces for five years. This was partially to straighten my teeth but mainly to hold spaces for where future implants would go. I had four teeth pulled that were in the back of my mouth and a few baby teeth still in place during this time to arrange spaces.


Unfortunately, one of the oral surgeons who pulled out my teeth ended up being a real schmuck. I could tell that something was wrong and my mouth was not healing. Instead of owning up to his mistake (leaving a tooth root in my mouth) he lied to me and said it would go away eventually and was harmless.


I disagreed and got a second opinion which is how I found my current oral surgeon, Dr. Audia. He said the root needed to be removed for my mouth to heal and this was the start of many procedures.


When I finally stopped growing at the end of my freshman year of college, it was time to talk about implants. The first step was to remove my wisdom teeth, a normal and uncomplicated surgery.


The hard part about implants is that there needs to be enough bone surrounding the tooth to hold an implant in place. Due to the complete lack of bone in my mouth I have had to get several bone grafts and boy they are not fun!


Last summer I had the biggest surgery of all. It was a four hour procedure in a hospital where my doctor removed 4 cubic centimeters of bone from my hip and grafted it to my jaw. I had to spend the night in the hospital on a morphine drip followed by two weeks of bedrest.


It was the most painful experience of my life.

gfmsurgery.jpg gfmbridge.jpg


I could not walk, sit up, cough or even laugh without extreme pain in my hip. My face was extremely swollen and I had an all liquid diet for almost two weeks and iced my face around the clock. I lost ten pounds.


Luckily, I was on so much pain medication that most of this time is a little fuzzy. But still, it was absolutely miserable. I honestly did not feel like my normal, energetic self again until the end of the summer.


My bone had to heal for several months before another surgery was possible. My mouth still did not have enough bone for implants on my top teeth. In March of this year I had another surgery with two bottom implants put in and more bone grafts taken from the side of my jaw for my top teeth.


This surgery happened a week after my boyfriend left for deployment - not my week.



I had a minor procedure in June to remove screws holding the bone in place from my mouth and to uncover the bottom implants. They were successful and the bottom is done!


I went into the surgery two weeks ago thinking this was my last one.


I need four implants on my top teeth. I woke up from surgery to the news that only one implant was successful. My doctor, with my best interest in mind, only attempted two implants because he thought four would be a lot. Unfortunately I didn't know this and was very upset to hear I had more surgeries to complete.


I am a perfectly healthy, young adult but the bone in my mouth was too soft and I need EVEN MORE BONE GRAFTS.


These surgeries have never been easy on me. I am allergic to a few types of antibiotics and they are very hard on my stomach. From getting weird allergic rashes to my hands going numb from pain medications, it is never easy.


However, I am not ready to give up yet. Hopefully I will only have two surgeries to go (fingers crossed) and in the meantime I have a retainer with fake teeth in a few spots.


I can’t help but wonder if growing up with celiac disease and being undiagnosed for the first eight years of my life is what caused this. Especially the lack of bone. I was such a sick, skinny, malnourished little kid and I think it had to play a part in the lack of development of adult teeth.


For now, I am waiting a few months for my next surgery and hoping it is more successful.


I would be very interested to hear if anyone has stories similar to this, please share if you do!


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