:: Take some of the stress out of GF holidays.

Wondering what candy is safe for Halloween? How to make the perfect gluten free pumpkin pie? What about Cut-Out Christmas cookies? 

You don't have to sacrifice your family traditions just because of your diet.


Armed with our Gluten Free Candy list (and an umbrella) we will go trick or treating with our neighbors. MyGlutenFacts.com has been publishing the most thorough GF candy list for the last two years.  They typically update the list right before Halloween.

 We will come back for Hot Apple Cider and a big pot of Lentil soup and the trading will begin. 

The easiest way to deal with all the candy we can't eat because it is not GF, is to trade it!  The kids dump all of their candy on the floor, sort the good from the bad, and then trade the bad with their friends or with me for some cold hard cash (honestly, I'd rather give them $5 than have them eat most of that candy anyway).  We have done this for the last several years and everyone is happy in the end. 


You certainly do not have to make sacrifices during the Christmas holidays simply because you are gluten free. 

Check out the Holidays Section of the Our Recipe collection for an assortment of Gluten Free Holiday Friendly recipes including Cut Out Christmas Cookies