Pacific Foods Gluten Free Policy

March 06, 2014

I recently contacted Pacific Foods regarding the Gluten Free status of their products.  I use the Chicken Broth, which is labeled gluten free, but wanted to know about cross-contamination.

 This is Pacific Foods Gluten Free Policy:pacifc_foods.png


Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We test our raw materials to ensure that they are less then 10ppm. Below is our official gluten free statement.  


All Pacific Foods gluten-free products are produced using ingredients which are naturally gluten-free. As part of our overall food safety and quality program, we have gluten validation procedures in place to prevent cross contamination between gluten free products and products containing gluten. Our facility operates under a HACCP program and has obtained SQF level 3 certification. Our suppliers are required to submit gluten free statements and the allergen control program of their facility. Products containing gluten will be scheduled at the end of the day. If it is not possible to run the gluten containing products at the end of the day, a thorough cleaning of equipment is required to ensure there is no gluten residue left. In addition, we conduct gluten tests on our finished products if they are produced after products containing gluten. We also randomly test our finished products to ensure that they are in compliance with gluten free FDA guidelines.


Follow this link for a list of Gluten Free Products.



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Thank you for taking the time to investigate Pacific. This information makes me feel so much more confident in the broths and gluten-free soups. I am off to promote your post!
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