Response from Boulder Canyon regarding Malt Vinegar Chips

January 24, 2014

The GFCO has issued a product pull-back notice to Boulder Canyon for their malt vinegar and sea salt kettle chips.  According to GFCO, these chips are not certified by GFCO.

Boulder Canyon sent the following response to Tricia Thompson, Gluten Free Watchdog,

Hi Tricia,

We were made aware yesterday about questions regarding our GFCO certification, specifically as it relates to our Malt Vinegar chips. We’ve been on the phone with the GFCO several times and we have been made aware that our Malt Vinegar are not GFCO certified, which is contrary to our understanding up to this point. Our understanding has been that the Malt Vinegar chips were certified based on independent tests showing they exceeded the PPM guidelines set forth by the FDA and GFCO and the fact that our manufacturing facilities and other Kettle Chip varieties have been certified by the GFCO. We have come to understand that regardless of the independent tests, the GFCO does not recognize these Malt Vinegar chips as gluten free. We regret this misunderstanding and we are committed to our gluten-free effort. We are taking immediate proactive steps, including removing Gluten Free language from the Malt Vinegar page of our website and from packaging, so we can eliminate any confusion among our consumers. We are confident that our other snack varieties carrying the GFCO logo are indeed gluten free.

Bottom line - Always read the ingredients!  Thanks to the GF Community for being on top of this one!