New York City is very easy to travel to with many gluten free restaurants.
Your guide to dedicated Gluten Free Bakeries in New York City.
Seattle is a great place to visit and live gluten free. Here are some of our favorite local restaurants in Seattle and on the Eastside.
A review and comprehensive listing of Gluten Free Bakeries in Seattle.
Kauai isn't only a great place to visit, but it has an abundance of gluten free options for travelers and locals alike!
After a long day of skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, you will not go hungry at Whistler as there are numerous Gluten Free dining options.
Ireland is in one word - fabulous! Ireland has one of the highest prevalence of celiac disease in the world, which makes it a very friendly place to travel gluten free.
Gluten Free Dining Options and Restaurants in Paris.
Gluten Free Dining Options and Restaurants in London.
Tips for Gluten Free Traveling that will get you where you need to go!
Tips and information on traveling gluten free in Rome

Before you go, call or email the restaurants to see what they offer, when they are open, and make reservations if necessary.  I cannot guarantee the safety of any restaurants and/or the food they serve.  It is always up to you to tell them of your special diet and determine if the food they serve is safe for your circumstances.


Gluten Free Dining Card – Print this card and carry it with you.